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Belvidere Heritage, Inc. is part of New Jersey’s 1.5 million volunteers who are making a difference in their communities through 170 million hours of service each year. Collectively, New Jersey volunteers provide $3.5 billion in services.

Across the Garden State, volunteers mentor and tutor students, prepare and distribute food to the needy, protect and beautify the environment, sustain our arts, history and cultural institutions and stand ready to assist during emergencies and disasters.

Belvidere Heritage, Inc. is honored to be among this exceptional class of individuals.

Our Mission

The mission of Belvidere Heritage, Inc. is to provide a multi-faceted educational experience through events, to promote an interest in local history, to cultivate unity in our region, and to offer opportunities for enjoyment of period-specific entertainment.

Managed by a Board of Directors

Beginning in January 2018, a few individuals gathered to plan how Belvidere, New Jersey, could once again celebrate its spirit and the rich history of the town, which was established in 1845 – right in the midst of America’s Victorian period.

Victorian-era ladies sitting around a table

Eventually, some of those individuals joined together and established a non-profit corporation on February 19, 2018. The newly formed organization, named Belvidere Heritage, Inc. established a mission of guiding events which would educate and bring to life the history and ways of our town’s bygone era. Desired is a cultivation of unity in our region with opportunities for enjoyment of period-specific entertainment. Through these events monies will be raised and a portion of the proceeds will be placed into a scholarship fund for graduating high school seniors.

The current Board of Directors is comprised of individuals who, together, work with various volunteer committees to plan community events in Belvidere, NJ. All proceeds from BHI events will be applied to the scholarship fund.

With Belvidere Heritage, Inc. being a new non-profit, we have the benefit of continuing a 35-year tradition in Belvidere celebrating our heritage at Victorian Day while simultaneously having a clean slate in practices, networking, and board members. Belvidere is a quaint town, steeped in history and a small town feel. Belvidere Heritage, Inc. is here to support and promote our town, alongside other outward-facing nonprofits and a supportive town council. We’re grateful to be here and blessed to be able to help people enjoy what Belvidere has to offer.

We are aided in our efforts by dedicated volunteers and funded by generous sponsorship and contributions. Additional revenue is received from vendor and food truck event fees and donations; as well as ticketed events, such as the cotillion, house tours, garden teas and others. The board routinely discusses the possibility of other historic and fundraising events throughout the year, such as The Wassail Tour, and other special events.


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