Vendor Information

At the heart of any successful event is a team of fantastic vendors.

Photo of woman in Victorian clothing at Victorian Days

Of the countless decisions, our volunteers make each day, choosing the right vendors is one of the most important.

As many of our past retail and food vendors will tell you, it is a very rewarding experience to be selected as a vendor for Victorian Day.

We look forward to reviewing your application. Please apply today to secure your spot in our selection.


2024 Vendor Application Form

2024 Food Vendor Application

2024 Entertainer Application

Non-Profit / Educational Exhibitors

Juried Vendors

While a small percentage of our vendors will be Direct Sale Marketers, our selection committee’s intent is to provide the public with vendors who offer one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted, made in the USA merchandise.

The jurying process requires applicants to provide us a portfolio that includes photos of your work with application, and vendor fee. The selection committee will look over your photos and will then make their choice based on originality, creativity, marketability, general appeal, and quality of craft and booth design. Fee is processed only upon approval.