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In the Victorian era, calling cards were used by every lady and gentleman of means. While the custom began in Europe, it spread to England and America quickly, and the intricate courtesies of how and when to leave cards was a facet of Victorian social life and etiquette. Everything about a card carried a meaning, from its design and motifs to a turned-down corner or black border. Cards could be colorful or plain, with lovely calligraphy or printing. Some cards had the name hidden in the design or behind a colorful decorative front card.

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Belvidere Heritage, Inc. exists to promote an interest in local and period history through reenactments, demonstrations, and festivals; to cultivate unity in our region through inclusion of various groups and entities in the planning and implementation of events; and to offer opportunities for enjoyment of period-specific entertainment through regular events.

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Address: P.O. Box 134 Belvidere, New Jersey 07823