House Tours

House Tours have been a tradition since the 1st Annual Victorian Days in 1988.

Our quaint town of one mile boasts homes of every style and era.

Our homes this year  include a variety of styles, including painted ladies, farmhouses and cottages.

We also want to give you a glimpse into some of the homes that are undergoing restoration and renovation.

House tours will not be available for the 2021 festival as a result of current circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.

A house tour ticket will give you entrance into the past.

View a stunning Victorian home, a vintage farmhouse, an unusual Mill home and a variety of other structures.

Come revisit the past, view the future and enjoy all that Victorian Days has to offer.

2019 House Tours

The following homes and buildings were on tour during the last Victorian Days.


Major Hoops House

Masonic Lodge

Non Pareil

The Carragino Residence

The Johnson Residence

The Lucas Residence

The Page Residence

The Roch Residence

The Rupert Residence

The Schreffler Residence

The Thompson Residence