COVID-19 Update for Victorian Days 2020

Portrait of Ada Lovelace The Executive Board of Belvidere Heritage, Inc. hopes all our followers are healthy and safe! We’re thankful to be part of the Belvidere community and are especially thankful for our first responders. We appreciate all the messages we’ve received asking about Victorian Days. It warms our hearts to know how many people care about an event that is close to our hearts! After some deliberation, we wanted to post some updates for all of you.
The images here are of Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine. Lovelace is widely seen as the “mother of computer programming,” dubbed so for her work on calculating Bernoulli numbers using Babbage’s device in 1843. Lovelace is a stand-out figure in Victorian history as she serves as a model of the excitement with which people of that era tackled problems and chased new ideas.
Just as Lovelace and her fellow Victorians embraced innovation, science, and progress, so, too, is Belvidere Heritage. While we are sad to announce that the 2020 Victorian Days will not be held in person in Belvidere this year, we are pleased to announce that the 32nd annual festival will still be happening online, in your homes via the magic of the very technology Lovelace helped develop!
The safety and health of our community and the many folks who visit Belvidere for the festival are our top priorities, and we feel that we’ll be serving everyone best by moving to a virtual/hybrid event. While many of the activities you’ve come to love will be hosted online, a few activities that lend themselves to social distancing, including the car show and walking tour, will be scheduled as usual. We are using this as a time to be creative and bring you something new and remarkable! Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine
We’ll be posting more about our schedule in the coming weeks. ***If you’ve already been confirmed as a participant for this year, please be patient with us as we reach out to everyone with more information via email.*** Thank you all so much for your continued support! We hope we’ll see you at Virtual Victorian Days this year, and in the park in Belvidere in September 2021!
(Images courtesy of @computerhistory and @britannica )

Warren County Community Singers

On Saturday at 2:45pm, Victorian Days welcomes back the Warren County Community Singers at the Presbyterian Church! The Warren County Community Singers is a non-auditioned chorus is in its 27th season of providing music from a variety of genres and has provided a concert during Victorian Days for many years! The group is comprised of people who love to sing from Warren County and its surrounding areas and rehearses on Tuesday evenings from 7:30-9:30pm at the First Presbyterian Church of Washington, 40 East Church St., Washington, NJ. Two free concerts are performed each year: Winterfest of Music is the first weekend in December and Springfest of Music is the first weekend in May. New singers are welcome!

Phydeaux’s Flying Flea Circus

Once again, we’re thrilled to welcome back Phydeaux’s Flying Fleas! Allow yourself to be whisked back to the age of humbug & flimflam. You’ll be enthralled by the heart stopping, death defying feats of Phydeaux’s famous acrobat fleas and will tremble in awe at the inimitable life changing scientific wonder of the age, Wahoo Miracle Elixir. You’ll find Phydeaux’s roaming about Victorian Days this year!

Phydeaux's Flying Flea Circus

The Sasanach

Victorian Days welcomes The Sasanach for the first time this year! Keith Engle, the Sasanach, plays and teaches traditional Irish fiddle music with a focus on the Sliabh Luachra style. He’ll be offering tunes and background information of traditional Irish music along with pieces on his phonofiddle!

Stone Soup Symphony

Once again, Stone Soup Symphony will be bringing classical music to Victorian Days. The Stone Soup Symphony strives to make classical music accessible to everyone: accessible to the public to listen in the form of free concerts, and accessible to musicians to play and grow. They rehearse Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9:00pm in the First Presbyterian Chapel, 291 Main Street, Hackettstown NJ. Musicians are welcome!

Shakespeare & Combat with Stephen Davis

We’re excited to be welcoming back Professor Stephen Davis of Centenary University! Stephen teaches and mentors theatre students at Centenary in addition to working with younger students in educational programs running through theaters throughout New Jersey. His program this year will offer an interactive demonstration of stage combat techniques and background information regarding theater performances during the 19th Century.